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Romantica Dining Chair

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Romantica is a charming wicker chair in Danish design and part of Sika-Designs Originals collection. The Originals collection represents designs of wicker furniture, all of which are designed by Sika-Design.

The unique and detailed windings give the chair a romantic look and make it a cozy element in the home. Romantica is suitable for the ordinary home, conservatory and cottage as well as for hotels and indoor restaurants.

The chair is handmade in sustainable Indonesian rattan by skilled wicker makers. The chair's seat and backrest are handwoven on a rattan frame by skilled wicker makers. Indonesian rattan is one of the world's most sustainable materials for making furniture. Rattan is a remarkably strong and extremely durable natural material which means that our furniture can last for generations.

You can buy a cushion for Romantica in selected fabric. We also offer to sew cushions in your own fabric - please contact us to find out fabric consumption.

Width: 57 cm | 22.5 inches *

Depth: 61 cm | 24.1 inches *

Height: 100 cm | 39.4 inches *

Seat height: 45 cm | 17.8 inches *

Seat depth: 45 cm | 17.8 inches *

Armrest height: 65 cm | 25.6 inches *

Weight: 5 kg | 0 lbs