Our company's story begins in 1942, when Anchor Andersen made the first series of furniture made of rattan. Our passion for understanding rattan stems from decades.

Our style is restrained luxury and we focus on comfort, the best material and the good and proud craft. In our collection you will find iconic furniture design by great architects such as Arena Jacobsen, Nana Dietel, R. Wengler, Vigo Bozen and Franco Albini.


Through our ICONS collection we innovate iconic furniture by some of the most skilled and important architects and designers in Europe. Arena Jacobsen, Nana and Jürgen Dittel, Vigo Bozen and Franco Albini were all pioneers of their time - they broke new ground by making experimental shapes with the sturdy materials of straw and wicker and creating sculptural and timeless icons. With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these renowned furniture manufacturers, we are happy and proud of our ability to bring back these icons.



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